May 15, 2018

Dimitrov Diaries - against fascism

March 20, 1937

Stalin received the Spanish writers Rafael Alberti and Maria-Teresa Leon

Gopner translated. As she tells it, the highlights of Stalin's discussions were;

a) The nature of the revolution in Spain -

The people and the whole world must be told the truth - the Spanish people are in no condition now to bring about a proletarian revolution - the internal and especially the international situation do not favor it. (Things were different in Russia in 1917 - geographic, expanses, wartime, squabbles among the capitalist countries, in the bourgeoisie, and so forth.( In Spain the proclamation of the Soviets - to unite all capitalist states and defeat fascism.

b) on the global scale Spain is now the vanguard. The vanguard is always inclined to run ahead of events - and herein lies a great danger. Victory in Spain will loosen fascism's hold in Italy and Germany.

c) Communist and Socialist parties must join forces - they now share the same basic aims - (a democratic republic) Such a union will strengthen the Popular Front and have a great effect on anarchists.

d) Caballero has demonstrated his resolute character and his will to fight against fascism. Caballero must be preserved as head of government. It would be better to leave commanding to someone else.

e) The general staff is unreliable.

There has always been betrayal on the eve of an offensive by Republican units.

The republican Army wins its offensives when the the general stuff has no knowledge of them!

The battle on the Guadalajara front makes that perfectly clear

f) Madrid must under no circumstances be surrendered. The fall of Madrid would be followed by recognition of Franco by England, would cause complete demoralizing among the Republicans, and would lead to a final defeat.

g) A fascist coup in France can not be ruled out. But conditions in France is different.
- French bourgeoisie is better armed against fascism.

h) He believes in the victory of the Spanish Republic. After overt intervention by the Italians and Germans, the Spanish Republic will fight harder, as defenders against foreign conquerors.