November 29, 2017

Did Trotsky say Soviets will be defeated by Nazis?

Did Trotsky say Soviets will be defeated by Nazis? Some of them still claims it is a Stalinist lie. 

The Revolution Betrayed (1936), Trotsky
“Can we, however, expect that the Soviet Union will come out of the coming great war without defeat? To this frankly posed question, we will answer as frankly: If the war should remain only a war, the defeat of the Soviet Union would be inevitable. In a technical, economic, and military sense, imperialism is incomparably more strong. If it is not paralyzed by revolution in the West, imperialism will sweep away the regime which issued from the October revolution.””
He says `imperialism will sweep away the regime which issued from the October revolution`. This is more a imperialist bourgeois wishful thinking than an objective assessment, so has the history proven.

Did he claim that Nazi Soldiers will have more sympathy for the people? He claimed that Nazi soldiers will have more sympathy for the people (apparently- than the soldiers of Soviet Union). So according to Trotsky, people with Fascist ideology will have more sympathy for the general people than those who have socialist ideology.

In his writing he literally takes side by his following words and "advises" occupiers soldiers.

Leon Trotsky On The Future of Hitler’s Armies (August 1940)

(The following paragraphs are a page in Trotsky’s archives, among the unfinished materials he was working on August 20, 1940)

""Hitler’s soldiers are German workers and peasants. After the betrayal of the social democracy and of the Comintern, these workers and peasants in large numbers succumbed to the fumes of chauvinism, thanks to the unprecedented military victories. But the reality of class relations is stronger than chauvinist intoxication.
The armies of occupation must live side by side with the conquered peoples; they must observe the impoverishment and despair of the toiling masses; they must observe the latter’s attempts at resistance and protest, at first muffled and then more and more open and bold.
On the other hand, the German military and bureaucratic caste, after a series of victories and robberies of Europe, will rise still higher above the people, will flaunt more and more its powers, its privileges, and become demoralized like every caste of upstarts.
The German soldiers, that is, the workers and peasants, will in the majority of cases have far more sympathy for the vanquished peoples than for their own ruling caste. The necessity to act at every step in the capacity of “pacifiers” and oppressors will swiftly disintegrate the armies of occupation, infecting them with a revolutionary spirit.""

They lie so much , they cannot differ the fact and fiction anymore.

September 5, 2017
Erdogan A