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Blogger for Selected ML Writings

Blog has been updated. Blog now, with search function of ML Library, has over 10,000 ML articles. Any suggestion to the new format is welcome. We are extending the number of authorized "publishers" posting directly by email or signing in. This is a Marxist Leninist Blog for ML articles, assessments, evaluations, critiques. NOT a News Blog. You can also send the link or the entire article thru Contact Email or yahoo email Please make sure that there is no "CopyRight" for the article - although that by itself is an indication of a bourgeois context.

Once you are approved, you can either publish your article directly sending to a special email address designed for you, or you can sign in to blog and publish. First you will have to accept the email sent to you. Click for larger image

Once you do accept, you will be set up to sign in directly to the blog. You can revise, delete, add new ...

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