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Trotsky and Anti -Lenin Conspiracy -T. Clark

The aim of the anti-Lenin conspiracy was to remove and isolate Lenin from the Bolshevik leadership, to undermine the party and
thus abort any attempts at socialist revolution in opposition to the aim that Lenin had set himself on his return to Russia in April 1917.
On the Final Victory of Socialism in the U.S.S.R.

 Comrades, in my report I dealt with the main problems of the subject we are discussing. The debate has shown that there is now complete clarity among us, that we understand the tasks and that we are ready to remove the defects in our work.But the debate has also shown that there are several definite questions of our organizational and political practice on which there is not yet complete clear understanding. I have counted 
Soviet Democracy and Bourgeois Democracy
 The question of democracy, of how it is to be correctly
understood, of the fundamental distinction between Soviet socialist
democracy and bourgeois democracy is a highly important question of our time.
Stalin and the Making of the Political Economy of Socialism - Vijay Singh
The five discussions of Stalin with the Soviet economists which were held between 1941 and 1952 together with the essays in Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR were directly instrumental in the laying of the theoretical foundations of the political economy of socialism. The section on the socialist mode of production in the Political Economy 
The Economics of Revisionism - ICO
The "Economics of Revisionism" is an account of a talk given in February 1967 by a member of the I.C.O. to an alliance of anti-revisionist groups in London called the Anti-Revisionist Front. The subjectivist approach which has characterised the British anti-revisionist movement since its inception in 1963 disrupted this alliance late in 1967.The first addition was
Revisionism Against Revisionism  - Moni Guha
Modern revisionism began with Titoite betrayal. In our first pamphlet we have given the history of its origin and some facts of history more or less chronologically. In this pamphlet, the second of our series, we have traced the historical and theoretical background of modern revisionism, which, while upholding the dictatorship of the proletariat, forcible overthrow 
The Theory of Permanent Revolution: A Critique
The theory of “Permanent Revolution”, as elaborated by Leon Trotsky, constitutes a central doctrine of the various groups which internationally form the “trotskyist” tendency within the Marxist movement. For the Trotskyist groups, the theory of Permanent Revolution is not just an analysis of the dynamics of the Russian revolution, but, more importantly, a major “tool” by which they interpret contemporary social reality, 
 Harpal Brar

Trotskyism or Leninism

One of the myths perpetrated by Trotskyites, with not inconsiderable help from the imperialist bourgeoisie, is that Leninism and Trotskyism are synonymous; that Trotsky was, after Lenin, the most brilliant and greatest Bolshevik (some even implying that Lenin was a great Trotskyist); “The investigation has established that the motive for the killing of Kirov was a plan of this underground anti-Soviet group to disorganize the leadership of the Soviet Government by means of terrorist acts directed against its chief leaders and thereby effect a change in policy along the lines of the so-called Zinoviev-Trotsky
Kostas Mavrakis

On Trotskyism- Problems of theory and history 

Georges Soria

Trotskyism in the Service of Franco

In May 1904 Trotsky had just been excluded from the editorial board of 'Iskra' at Plekhanov's insistence. He continued, nevertheless, to collaborate with the Menshevik journal. “To the Generalissimo: – I communicate personally the following: In executing the order you gave me, amongst other things, I went to Barcelona to interview the leaders of the P.O.U.M. I gave them all your information and suggestions.

Ludo Martens

The second half of the twentieth century will be known in history as a period of the most profound revolutionary change. The emergence of a world socialist system, which has become the chief revolutionary force of our epoch,

Another View of Stalin

I was already a confirmed anti-Stalinist at the age of seventeen .... The idea of killing Stalin filled my thoughts and feelings .... We studied the `technical' possibilities of an attack .... We even practiced.

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