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On the Final Victory of Socialism in the U.S.S.R
Comrades, in my report I dealt with the main problems of the subject we are discussing. The debate has shown that there is now complete clarity among us, that we understand the tasks and that we are ready to remove the defects in our work.But the debate has also shown that there are several definite questions of our organizational and political practice on which there is not yet complete clear 
The aim of the anti-Lenin conspiracy was to remove and isolate Lenin from the Bolshevik leadership, to undermine the party and thus abort any attempts at socialist revolution in opposition to the aim that Lenin had set himself on his return to Russia in April 1917.For Trotsky, Lenin's arrest or assassination by the counter-revolution was a small price to pay if this would ensure him a position of dominance in the leadership of the
Soviet Democracy and Bourgeois Democracy The question of democracy, of how it is to be correctly understood, of the fundamental distinction between Soviet socialist democracy and bourgeois democracy is a highly important question of our time.This pamphlet is a translation of an essay published in the symposium Soviet Socialist Society prepared by the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R.
The five discussions of Stalin with the Soviet economists which were held between 1941 and 1952 together with the essays in Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR were directly instrumental in the laying of the theoretical foundations of the political economy of socialism. The section on the socialist mode of production in the Political Economy

Falsificators of History - (An Historical Note)
The Soviet press has published the following communique issued by the Soviet Information Bureau, entitled "Falsificators of History (An Historical Note)": At the end of January, the State Department of the United States of America, in collaboration with the British and French Foreign Offices, published a collection of reports and various records from the diaries of Hitlerite diplomatic officials, under the mysterious title: "Nazi-
The Foundations of Leninism The foundations of Leninism is a big subject. To exhaust it a whole volume would be required. Indeed, a number of volumes would be required. Naturally, therefore, my lectures cannot be an exhaustive exposition of Leninism; at best they can only offer a concise synopsis of the foundations of Leninism. Nevertheless, I consider it useful to give this synopsis, in order to lay down some basic points of departure necessary for the successful study of Leninism.
Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR
I have received all the materials on the economic discussion arranged to assess the draft textbook on political economy. The material received includes the "Proposals for the Improvement of the Draft Textbook on Political Economy," "Proposals for the Elimination of Mistakes and Inaccuracies" in the draft, and the "Memorandum on Disputed Issues."
Trotskyism in the Service of Franco
This pamphlet pleads its own case. It is written after spending a year and three months in Republican Spain. It is based on first-hand observation and on the study and analysis of official documents and papers.

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