November 5, 2017


Posted on November 5, 2017 by allpowertothesoviets
By United Communist Party (OKP),

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the revolution, we introduce our readers to an interesting document of the era, which is kept in the archives of a member of the OKP.

It’s a temporary membership card for the Bolshevik Party, issued by the All-Russian Bureau of Front and Rear Military Organizations under the Central Committee of the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party (RSDLP) (military organization or “military unit”).

The military organization was engaged in agitation and propaganda at the front and in the rear garrisons. Much work was done to ensure that the October Revolution was supported by the soldier masses.

The “military unit” had the right to print and issue temporary membership cards. This card belonged to Nikolai Starshinov. The date of issue was October 19, 1917 (old style). Most likely it was issued in Petrograd. A week before the storming of the Winter Palace …

Dues were paid only for October 1917. Either the person was killed, lost the card, or decided to abruptly leave politics. At least, the dues for November 1917 were not paid. And the temporary card was not exchanged for a permanent card, which was a compulsory procedure for the Bolsheviks at the time of the appearance of centrally printed membership cards.



Translated by Greg Butterfield