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[Not earlier than August 4, 1915]

Dear A. M.,

We were very glad about the statement by the Norwegians and your efforts with the Swedes.64 It
would be devilishly important to have a joint international statement by the Left Marxists! (A
statement of principle is the main thing, and so far the only thing possible.)

Roland-Holst, like Rakovsky (have you seen his French pamphlet?), like Trotsky, in my opinion, are
all the most harmful “Kautskyites”, in the sense that all of them in various forms are for unity
with the opportunists, all in various forms embellish opportunism, all of them (in various way)
preach eclecticism instead of revolutionary Marxism.

V. I. Lenin, Collected Works,

Vol. 35, p. 200
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