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Petrograd, July 26-August 3 (August 8-16),1917


The split between the social-patriots and the revolutionary internationalists in Russia—a split that has taken place on a world scale, too—is steadily growing wider. Having begun with defencism, the Mensheviks have ended with the most despicable alliance with the counter-revolutionary bourgeoisie, inspiring and sanctioning the persecution of internationalist organisations, the workers’ press, etc., etc. Having turned into menials of the Russian and allied imperialism, they have finally gone over to the camp of the proletariat’s enemies.

Under these circumstances revolutionary Social-Democracy’s prime task is to show the treacherous policy of the imperialist Mensheviks in its true light to the broadest sections of the proletarian masses, and completely isolate them from all elements of the working class who are in any way revolutionary. Any attempt to secure a reconciliation between imperialist and revolutionary- internationalist elements of socialism through a “unity congress”, with the object of setting up a single Social-Democratic party (plan of the Novaya Zhizn group of intellectuals who have no base to stand on), would, therefore, be a heavy blow to the interests of the proletariat. On the basis of its recognition of the need for a total and irrevocable split with the imperialist Mensheviks, the Congress declares that it is categorically opposed to such attempts. In opposition to the dangerous slogan of the unity of all, Social-Democracy advances the class revolutionary slogan of unity of all internationalists who have in fact broken with the imperialist Mensheviks. The Congress believes that such unity is necessary and inevitable and calls on all Social-Democratic revolutionary elements to rupture forthwith their organisational ties with the defencists and unite round the RSDLP.

The CPSU in Resolutions 
and Decisions of Congresses,
Conferences and Plenary Meetings
of the Central Committee,

8th Russ. ed., Vol. 1, p. 501

* Forwarded to the CC for editing and printed only with stylistic corrections. Adopted at the morning sitting on August 3. (Note by the editors of the first printing of the minutes of the Sixth Congress.)
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