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[August 24, 1909]
Dear Gr.,

I have  received  No.  7-8  of Sotsial-Demokrat I object  to Trotsky’s  signature;  signatures
must be omitted. (I have not yet read the articles.)

As regards Proletary, I think we should insert in it (1) an article on the elections in St.
Petersburg (in connection with the claptrap of Rech and Vodovozov, if Rech has not misreported
him); (2) on the Swedish strike—a summing-up article is essential; (3) ditto on the Spanish 
events16; (4) on the Mensheviks, in connection with their (very vile) polemic with the Geneva (Georgien17)  anti-liquidator; (5) in the supplement as a special sheet, an answer to the “Open Letter” of  Maximov and Co.18 A proper answer must be given to them so that these scoundrels do not mislead  people by their lies.

After three weeks’ holiday, I am beginning to come round. I think I could take No. 4 and 5 upon
myself, if need be No. 1 as well, but I am still afraid to promise. Write me your opinion and the
exact deadlines. What else is there for Proletary?

No. 2 and 3 can be made up from Vorwärts19; I shall send it to you, if you will undertake to write.

As regards Pravda,20  have you  read  Trotsky’s  letter to  Inok?  If  you  have,  I hope  it  has convinced you that Trotsky behaves like a despicable careerist and factionalist of the  Ryazanov-and- Co. type. Either equality on the editorial board, subordination to the CC and no  one’s transfer to Paris except Trotsky’s (the scoundrel, he wants to “fix up” the whole rascally  crew of Pravda at our expense!)—or a break with this swindler and an exposure of him in the CO. He  pays lip-service to the Party and behaves worse than any other of the factionalists.

All the best.
N. Lenin

P.S. I’m afraid we’ll have to give Kamenev up as a bad job. An article on The Social Movement has
been promised six weeks (or six months) ago?21

My address is: Mr. W1. Oulianoff (Chez Madame Lecreux), Bombon (Seine-et-Marne).

V. I. Lenin, Collected Works,
Vol. 34, pp. 399-400

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