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Enver Hodja


The relations of our country with the Republic of Turke y have developed an d are developin g mor e an d more i n the spirit of friendship and collaboration . The growing goodwill and respect between our two peoples and countries create a good basis for the furthe r extension an d strengthening of these relations in the future .

During their history, the Albanian people and the Turkish people have had friendly links and affinities with each other. The Turkish people, who have an ancient history and culture, have had great respect for the valiant men of Albania , for the scholars, philosophers, statesmen, architects, writers and poets of Albanian birth or origin, who have made their contribution to the efforts of the Turkish people for progress.

The Albanian people have special admiration and respect for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, that outstanding personality and statesman, who, with great courage and inspired by democratic progressive ideas, liberated Turkey and its valiant people from the complex of enslaving other peoples, which characterized the Sultans' empire, consolidated the unity and genuine independence of the Turkish nation and set Turkey on the course of democracy and progress.

The Albanian people have been aware of the feelings of goodwill towards Albania held by Kemal Atatürk who opposed King Zog, the tyrant of the Albanian people.

The sincere friendship of the Turkish people towards the A l b a n i a n people and the lofty spirit of Atatürk can be seen clearly in their fraternal sheltering of hundreds of thousands of our brothers from Kosova, who were driven from their lands in Yugoslavia. We thank the fraternal Turkish people for this and for their friendship towards the Albanian people, a friendship which is reciprocal.

Th e Albania n people an d the Turkish people have a great love for each other. We mak e «diplomatic love» wit h nobody. Thi s i s not the custom of  the Albania n but, whe n we pledge our word , we keep i t an d do not tur n whichever way the wind blows. W e condemn those who violate our friendship or misuse our trust. The great and sincere friendshi p that links us with the fraternal Turkish people has never been shaken. The different forms of regime have never shaken this friendship , because i t i s based on the fine sentiments of our peoples, it is based on those link s of fraternity and blood relations wit h hundreds of thousands o f Albanians who live, work , are marrie d and have children , who die and are buried in a common soil with the Turks .

We honour and respect the great leader of the T u r k i s h people, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who, as an outstanding democrat, destroyed the Ottoman Empire and the Caliphate and set up the new democratic Turkey. Let a l l the pseudo democrats and pseudo-socialists who oppress the peoples,
who trample on their rights and keep colonialism alive, sugar-coated with pompous words, follow the example of Kemal A t a t ü r k who cut the «Gordian knot» of the Ottoman Empire with his sword. It is our desire that our friendship with the fraternal Turkish people should be continuously strengthened and developed further in every field.

Selected Works Volume VI
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