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A Study of the economics and Politics of the Extreme Stages of Capitalism in Decay

ΠProletarian Publishers Edition 1974 Second Printing 1976 Third Printing 1978

Proletarian Publishers P.O. Box 3566 Chicago IL 60654

"We say to the workers: 'You will have to go through fifteen, twenty, fifty years of civil wars and international wars, not only in order to change existing conditions, but also in order to change yourselves and fit yourselves for the exercise of political power."' 
MARX (On the Communist Trial at Cologne, 1851).

"The bourgeoisie sees in Bolshevism only one side . . . insurrection, violence, terror; it endeavors, therefore, to prepare itself especially for resistance and opposition in that direction alone. It is possible that in single cases, in single countries, for more or less short periods, they will succeed. We must reckon with such a possibility, and there is absolutely nothing dreadful to us in the fact that the bourgeoisie might succeed in this. Communism 'springs up' from Positively all sides of social life, its sprouts are everywhere, without exception-the 'contagion' (to use the favourite and 'pleasantest' comparison of the bourgeoisie and the bourgeois police) has very thoroughly penetrated into the organism and has totally impregnated it. If one of the 'vents' were to be stopped up with special care, 'contagion' would find another, sometimes most unexpected. Life will assert itself. Let the bourgeoisie rave, let it work itself into a frenzy, commit stupidities, take vengeance in advance on the Bolsheviks, and endeavour to exterminate in India, Hungary, Germany, etc., more hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands of the Bolsheviks of yesterday or those of to-morrow. Acting thus, the bourgeoisie acts as did all classes condemned to death by history. The Communists must know that the future at any rate is theirs; therefore we can and must unite the intensest passion in the great revolutionary struggle with the coolest and soberest calculations of the mad ravings of the bourgeoisie.... In all cases and in all countries Communism grows; its roots are so deep that persecution neither weakens, nor debilitates, but rather strengthens it,"

LENIN ("Left-Wing" Communism, 1921),

I. The Growth of the Productive Forces 
2. The Conflict of the Productive Forces Against Existing Society 
3. Productivity and Unemployment 
4. The Alternative-Social Revolution or Destruction

I. The Last Attempt to Restore Pre-War Capitalism 
2. The Collapse of the Illusions of the Stabilisation Period 
3. After the Collapse

I. The Destruction of the Productive Forces 
2. The Revolt Against the Machine 
3. The Revolt Against Science 
4. The Revolt Against "Democracy" and Parliament 
5. "National Self -Sufficiency 
6. War as the Final "Solution"

I. The Class-Content of Fascism 
2. Middle-Class Revolution or Dictatorship of Finance-Capital? 
3. The Middle Class and the Proletariat 
4. The Definition of Fascism

1. The Priority of Italian Fascism 
2. Socialism in Italy 
3. Was Revolution Possible in Italy? 
4. The Growth and Victory of Fascism

1. The Strangling of the 1918 Revolution 
2. The Growth of National Socialism
3. The Crucial Question of the United Front 
4. The Causes of the Victory of Fascism 

I. The Significance of the Austrian Experience 
2. The Betrayal of the Central-European Revolution 
3. The Fascist Dictatorship and the February Rising

I. The Capitalist View of Social Democracy and Fascism 
2. The Germs of Fascism in Social Democracy 
3. How Social Democracy Assists Fascism to Power 
4. The Question of the Split in the Working Class 
5. The Adaptation of Social Democracy to Fascism

I. Is There a "Theory" of Fascism? 
2. Demagogy as a Science 
3. Capitalism, Socialism and the Corporate State 
4. The Outcome of Fascism in the Economic Sphere 
5. Fascism and War 
6. Fascism and the Women's Question

I. The Basis for Fascism in Britain, the United States and France 
2. The Significance of the National Government in Britain 
3. The Roosevelt Emergency Regime 
4. The February Days and the National Concentration Government in France 
5. The Beginnings of Fascist Movements

1. The Dialectics of Fascism and Revolution 291
2. The Fight Against Fascism 296

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