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Lenin Collected Works, Volume 37, pages 368-369. 

Dear Manyasha,

Thanks for the letter. I must apologise for not answering at once. I have got so “embedded” in summer holidays and in loafing (I am having a rest such as I have not had for several years) that I am still postponing all business matters, great and small.

I am against boycotting the Third Duma; I have been writing a little piece on this subject which will probably soon be out. In my opinion that slogan must not be revived unless there is a situation of heightened political activity, unless there is a struggle against early constitutional illusions. Any fresh burst of enthusiasm (there may be one on account of the July strike of Moscow textile workers—up to 400,000 are expected to strike) must be expanded, preparations must be made, it must be made general, but it would be out of place to declare a boycott. We must not renounce the slogan altogether; if the situation arises we shall, in a moment of political upsurge, propose a boycott. To declare a boycott at the moment would be either premature bravado or the uncritical repetition of slogans that have a glorious revolutionary past. Such, in a few words, is my argument; it is developed in detail in the press.

Write and tell me how you are fixed up and whether you are satisfied. Best regards to Mark and all acquaintances.

We are having a wonderful rest and are loafing.

Many kisses, 
V. U.

Darling Manyasha,

I am adding a few words. There is nothing to write about since we are, at the moment, “outside public interests” and are leading a holiday life—bathing in the sea, cycling (the roads are bad, by the way, so you can’t go far). Volodya plays chess, fetches water, at one time we had a craze for the English game of “Donkey”, and so on. The only thing is that Lidya has a lot of bother with the housekeeping.... Everybody here is putting on weight splendidly. We could read a lot but none of the books here are very suitable and anyway we don’t feel like reading.

Many kisses, 

Our people (Lidya and Mother) send regards, of course.

June 1907
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