November 23, 2019

RESOLUTION adopted by the Meeting of the Communist Information Bureau

November 1949


THE PREPARATIONS for a new war carried out by the Anglo-American imperialists, the crusade of bourgeois reaction against the democratic rights and the economic interests of the working class and the mass of the people call for intensified struggle of the working class to maintain and consolidate peace and to organize a resolute rebuff to the war-mongers and the onslaught of imperialist reaction. 

Unity in the ranks of the working class is a guarantee of success in this struggle. 

Postwar experience shows that the policy of splitting the working class movement forms one of the priorities in the arsenal of tactics applied by imperialists to unleash a new war, to suppress the forces of democracy and Socialism and drastically to reduce the living standards of the mass of the people. 

Never before in the history of the international working class movement has the unity of the working class, both within individual countries and on a world scale, been of such decisive significance as at the present time. 

Unity of the working class is essential to safeguard peace; to frustrate the criminal designs of the war-mongers; to foil the conspiracy of the imperialists against democracy and Socialism; to prevent the establishment of fascist methods of domination; resolutely to rebuff the crusade of monopoly capital against the vital interests of the working class and to secure an improvement in the economic conditions of the working masses. 

The realization of these tasks can be achieved, above all, on the basis of rallying the broad mass of the working class, irrespective of party affiliation, trade union organization or religious convictions. 

Unity from below-such is the most effective way to consolidate all forces of the workers to defend peace and the national independence of their countries and to defend the economic interests and democratic rights of all working people. 

Working class unity is attainable despite the opposition of the leading centers of those trade unions and parties headed by splitters and the enemies of unity. 

The postwar period has been marked with big successes in eliminating the split in the working class, and in rallying the general democratic forces; successes which were expressed in the formation of the World Federation of Trade Unions, the International Federation of Democratic Women, the World Federation of Democratic Youth and in the convening of the World Peace Congress. 

Unity successes find expression in a consolidated C.G.T. in France, in the creation of a united trade union federation in Italy, (C.G.T. of I.) and in the militant actions of the French and Italian proletariat. 

In the People's Democracies historical successes in working class unity have also been won: united working class parties, united trade unions, united cooperatives, youth, women's and other organizations have been established. 

This working class unity has played a decisive role in the successes achieved in the economic and cultural advance in the People's Democracies, in securing the leading role of the working class in the State and in a radical improvement in the material welfare of the working masses. 

All this shows the tremendous desire of the working people to consolidate their ranks and shows the real possibility of creating a united working class front against the combined forces of reaction-from the U.S. imperialists to the Right-Wing Socialists. 

U.S. and British imperialists and their satellites in European countries strive to split and disorganize the proletarian and the people's forces generally, pinning especial hopes on the Right-Wing Socialists and reactionary trade union leaders On the direct orders of U.S. and British imperialists, the Right-Wing Socialist and reactionary trade union leaders split the ranks of the working class movement from above, seeking to destroy united working class organizations created in the postwar period. 

They tried to destroy the World Federation of Trade Unions from within; they organized splinter groups such as "Force Ouvriere" in France and the so-called Labor Federation in Italy and they now try to prepare the formation of a disruptive international trade union body. 

Similar attempts to split the workers were also made by leaders of Catholic organizations in individual countries. 

The characterization of the treacherous activity of the Right-Wing Socialist leaders as that of most rabid enemies of working class unity and accomplices of imperialism - a characterization made at the first meeting of the Information Bureau of the Communist Parties - has been fully confirmed. 

Today the Right-Wing Socialists appear not only as the agents of the bourgeoisie of their own countries, but also as agents of U.S. imperialism, turning the Social Democratic parties of European countries into American parties and into direct weapons of U.S. imperialist aggression. 

In those countries where Right-Wing Socialists are in the Government (Britain, France, Austria and the Scandinavian countries), they emerge as ardent champions of the "Marshall Plan," "Western Union," the "North Atlantic Agreement" and of all other forms of U.S. expansion. 

These pseudo-Socialists perform a foul role in persecuting the working class and democratic organizations which defend the interests of the working people. 

Sliding further down the path ·of betrayal of the interests of the working class, democracy and Socialism, and having completely abandoned the Marxist doctrine, these Right-Wing Socialists today appear as champions and advocates of the predatory ideology of U.S. imperialism. 

Their theories of "Democratic Socialism" and of the "Third Force," their cosmopolitan ravings of the need to give up national sovereignty are nothing but an ideological cover for the aggression of U.S. and British imperialism. 

The so-called Committee of International Socialist Conferences  (COMISCO) -miserable offspring of the Second International which rotted alive-has become a rallying point for the most rabid disrupters and disorganizers of the working class movement. This organization has become an espionage center in the service of the British and U.S. intelligence services. 

The unity of the working class can only be won in a resolute strug-gle against these Right-Wing Socialist disrupters and disorganizers of the working class movement.

The Information Bureau regards as the cardinal task of the Communist Parties a tireless struggle to unite and organize all forces of the working class in order to render a powerful rebuff to the insolent claims of Anglo-American imperialism; to frustrate its calculations on a new world war; to safeguard and consolidate the cause of peace and international security; to doom to failure the onslaught of monopoly capital in the living standards of the working masses. 

In the present international situation it is the duty of the Communist Parties to explain that if the· working class does not secure unity-in its ranks it will deprive itself of the most important weapon in the struggle against the growing danger of a new world war and against the onslaught of imperialist reaction on the living standards of the working people. 

While waging an irreconcilable and consistent struggle in theory and practice against the Right-Wing Socialists and reactionary trade union leaders, and while ruthlessly exposing them and isolating them from the masses, the Communists must patiently and persistently explain to the rank-and-file Social-Democratic workers the entire significance of the cause of working class unity, draw them into an active struggle for peace, bread, and democratic liberties and pursue a policy of joint action to achieve these aims. 

A well-tried method to effect the unity of the working class is the unity in action of its various detachments. Coordinate joint actions at individual enterprises, in whole branches of industry, on a town, district, national and international scale; mobilize the broadest masses to fight for their immediate and most easily understood demands, and thus help establish permanent unity in the ranks of the proletariat.

Working class unified action from below may find expression in the establishment of peace committees in factories and offices; in the organization of mass demonstrations against the warmongers; in joint actions of workers to defend democratic rights and improve their economic conditions. 

Particular attention in the struggle for working class unity should be devoted to the mass of Catholic workers and working people generally and to their organizations. 

When doing this it should be borne in mind that religious convictions are not an obstacle to unity of the working people, especially when this unity is needed to save peace. 

Concrete joint actions in the sphere of economic demands and the coordination of the struggle by class trade unions and Catholic trade unions, etc., can provide effective means of drawing Catholic workers into the general front of the struggle for peace. 

The most important task of the Communist Parties in each capitalist country is to do everything in their power to secure trade union unity. 

It is of great importance at present to draw workers who are not professionally organized into trade unions and into active struggle. In capitalist countries such workers constitute a considerable section of the proletariat. 

If the Communist Parties get down to real work among the non-organized workers they will secure great successes in achieving working class unity. 

The Information Bureau is of the opinion that on the basis of working class unity it is essential to achieve national unity of all democratic forces, to mobilize the broad masses of the people for the struggle against Anglo-American imperialism and reaction at home. 

Of extreme importance is the day-to-day work in the mass organizations of the working people: women's, youth, peasant, cooperative and other bodies. 

The unity of the working class movement and the consolidation of all democratic forces is essential not only to solve the daily tasks of the working class and of the working people, it is essential also to solve the cardinal issues confronting the proletariat as a class leading the struggle to abolish the power of monopoly capital, and to reorganize society along socialist lines.

On the basis of successes achieved in creating unity in the ranks of the working class movement, and in the consolidation of all democratic forces, it will become possible to develop the struggle in the capitalist countries for the formation of governments which would rally all patriotic forces opposing the enslavement of their countries by U.S. imperialism-governments which would adopt a policy of a stable peace between the peoples, put an end to the armament race and raise the living standards of the working people. 

In the People's Democracies the task of the Communist and Workers' Parties is to consolidate even more the working class unity which has been attained and the unity of trade union, cooperative, women's, youth and other organizations. 

The Information Bureau believes that further successes in the struggle for working class unity and the consolidation of democratic forces depend, above all, on the improvement of the entire organizational and ideological work of every Communist and Workers' Party. 

Of outstanding significance for these Parties is the ideological exposure and irreconcilable struggle against any manifestation of opportunism, sectarianism, and bourgeois nationalism and the struggle against the penetration of enemy agents into Party ranks. 

The lessons arising from the exposure of the Tito-Rankovic espionage clique urgently demand that the Communist and Workers' Parties should heighten revolutionary vigilance to the maximum. 

The agents of the Tito clique appear today as the most rabid disrupters in the ranks of the working class and of the democratic movement, disrupters carrying out the will of the U.S. imperialists. 

It is necessary, therefore, resolutely to combat the machinations of this imperialist agency wherever it tries to be active in the working class and democratic organizations. 

The organizational and ideological-political consolidation of the Communist and Workers' Parties, on the basis of the principles of Marxism-Leninism, is the most important condition for a successful struggle of the working class, for the unity of its ranks, for the cause of peace, for national independence of its country, for democracy and Socialism. 

Communist Information Bureau