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Leaflet of the Petrograd Provincial Council of Trade Unions. 1919


Gold shoulder straps throw you sheets of paper inviting you to come over to their side.

They don't have enough strength to defeat Red Russia. They would like to do it with your hands.

To overcome the workers 'and peasants' power for the gold-driven White Guards means to take away the land from the peasants, factories and plants from the workers.

To destroy the Soviets means to them to restore the autocracy. To exterminate the commissars means to put in their place policemen, police stations, bailiffs and gendarmes.

But they don't say this in their papers. They know that if they say, no one will go over to them. This is why they are deceiving you.

They say: " Come to us, and we will let you go to the field work ."

In fact, they will shoot all the commissars, and the rest will be sent to fight against the Reds, keeping machine guns in the rear so that there is no running back for those who have run across.

In fact, they will flog you with ramrods and beat you in the ear for every trifle, because you are only cannon fodder for them.

If they managed to defeat Soviet Russia with your hands, they, of course, would let you go to field work. But which ones?

They will first take the land away from you, and then they will force you to cultivate it. They will let you go to the village with hired hands. Remember this, comrades of the Red Army!

Even now, where only gold shoulder straps are taking over a piece of Soviet Russia, they immediately take the land from the peasants. What if they defeat the Reds everywhere? Think well about this too, comrades of the Red Army!

"Fathers" - Bolokhovichs, Rodzians, Lvovs and other White Guard generals, colonels and officers - these are landowners and capitalists, from whom the Soviet government took away land, cars and money.

Now they invite you to help them take it all back from you.

Be on your guard, comrades, do not succumb to deception. Hold your rifle firmly in your hands and defend yourself, your land, your factories and plants, your Soviet Russia!

Let the conscientious comrades explain the deception of the White Guards to the irresponsible and incomprehensible. Let them keep them from making a false step, which will destroy them first of all, and then the entire Soviet homeland.

Without landlords and manufacturers, without White Guard generals and officers, we will arrange our life!

They mocked us enough, they drank our blood enough!

Down with the White Guards, down with the goldsmiths, down with the landlords, down with the manufacturers! Long live Soviet Russia forever!


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