November 12, 2020

Ismail Bilen's Speech - 19th Congress

October 11

(Evening meeting)

Presiding V.M. Andrianov.

Ismail Bilen 

(Communist Party of Turkey) 

Dear comrades! The fraternal Communist Party of Turkey and its Central Committee greet with great love and respect the historic 19th Congress of the great party of Lenin and Stalin. (Stormy, prolonged applause.) 

This congress illuminates the path that the Turkish people are waging against American slavery, for national independence, peace and democracy. 

Despite the false propaganda of reactionary circles and the corrupt press, various strata of the Turkish people showed great interest in the 19th Congress. And this is no coincidence. The Turkish people have never forgotten that the Soviet Union was the only state that extended a helping hand to them during the most difficult days of the national liberation struggle of 1919-1922. and has always shown respect for his national independence. 

The traitors of the Turkish people, by order of their Washington masters, pulled Turkey into the aggressive Atlantic bloc and are preparing the lands of Anatolia as a military base against the Soviet Union and the countries of people's democracies. 

Today, the Turkish economy, foreign and domestic policy, and the army have fallen completely under the control of the American expansionists. Turkey finally lost its independence. 

The American imperialists, with the help of their lackeys, are today sending Turkish soldiers against the Korean people, who are fighting for their national independence. The aggressive American imperialists want to impose on the Turkish army such heinous duties as protecting the interests of oil companies in the Near and Middle East and suppressing the national liberation movement of the peoples. 

The rulership of the American colonialists in Turkey, the militarization of the country further deepened the economic crisis, condemned the broad masses to poverty, unemployment, led to an increase in taxes and the high cost of living. Today Turkey has become a prison and hell for the masses. 

Along with military training, the reaction intensifies the fascist terror. The death penalty law was passed against the communists. The best sons of the Turkish people languish in prisons. Communists, supporters of peace, patriots are subjected to brutal torture in police stations with the help of the latest torture devices brought from America. 

But this fascist terror could not and will not stop the popular movement. 

Despite the brutal terror and the prohibition of strikes, workers here and there go on strike. Every day the struggle of the millions of landless peasants for land is increasingly intertwined with the struggle of the entire people against American slavery and for national independence. Landless peasants not only take the land away from the landlords with weapons in their hands, but also protect those who do not want to go to Korea, those who flee the army, and, if necessary, offer armed resistance to the gendarme forces. 

The Turkish people are trying by all means to express their deepest feelings that they have for their great neighbor - the Soviet Union. On the walls of houses, on factory machines, slogans often appear: "Stalin is peace", "Stalin is national independence", "Stalin is liberation", "Long live Stalin!" (Stormy applause.) 

For the Turkish people, Stalin is liberation, this is a better future. (Stormy applause.) 

The Turkish Communist Party, the Turkish communists will always be loyal to proletarian internationalism, the great cause of Lenin and Stalin. We will tirelessly, persistently expose the black guts of those who are preparing aggression against the Soviet Union. The Turkish people will not fight against their friend, the Soviet Union. The Turkish people do not want to shed their blood for American billionaires and Turkish millionaires. The Turkish people want good-neighborly and friendly relations with the peoples of the Soviet Union (thunderous applause), which have always shown respect for their national independence and national honor. 

Long live the great organizer of the camp of peace, democracy and socialism - the mighty party of Lenin and Stalin! (Applause.) 

Long live the loyal and closest friend of the oppressed peoples fighting for national liberation - the great Soviet Union! (Applause.) 

Live for many, many years, the source of our hopes, the banner of our struggle, our great teacher and leader, Comrade Stalin! (Loud, prolonged applause, turning into a standing ovation. Everyone stands up).


From 19th Congress of the CPSU (b) Documents and Materials
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