July 14, 2021

Simple way of analyzing a protest - in this context protests in Cuba

Left has always a tendency to assume that any given protest is “just” and thus deserve support. However, history has shown that there are protests other than just ones, ones that is designed and provoked by the ruling elite internally or imperialists externally in order to serve their agenda. This could be -internally- the justification of some undemocratic laws to enact, or externally to kneel or replace the existing government that is against the imperialists, or to manufacture consent for the already-planned political, military action. 

Well known protests organized and initiated by the professional provocateurs in recent history was in Poland with the “Solidarity” movement where CIA dumped millions of dollars directly and through AFL-CIO and NED (National Endowment for Democracy), Colonel Kuklinsky and others. Not surprisingly, some of these same provocateurs have initiated a provocateur education and training center in Serbia first, USA soon after, and now-a-days all over the world with “students” from most countries. In addition to recruited, trained, paid mercenaries, these provocateurs have become the “initiator” of the unrest and followed by the military intervention either through mercenaries or army or both. Most striking example was the provocations in Libya which was seen at first by the left as “Arab Spring” protests and thus assumed to be just and thus was supported.

This is not a surprising result for all the news for any given event is reported by the Mainstream Media. A media that is concentrated and most of the shares are owned by the finance capital of the world. They do own or control almost all the serious media outlets in every country that finance capital has stake in.

That is why the first indication of a protest’s being “just” or “designed-provoked” is the attitude and coverage of mainstream media on the “protests”.

Mainstream media never covers a “just-protest” in any country, especially in those where the protests are against the interests of Finance Capital, against their puppet governments, or systems. The coverage of such protests has been and would be, at best, a few seconds, or with labels like ; “Communists”, “terrorists”, “separatists”, “Russian provoked” etc. by minimizing the importance of it. That is why a worldwide, continues coverage of a given protest by the Mainstream Media would be the first indication of the “quality” of a protest as far as its being provoked-reactionary or just-progressive.

Second indication would be the banners in the protests shown by the mainstream media explicitly and extensively. Banners in a country that her mother language is different but written in “English” , especially written without any grammatical mistake , prepared very professionally in large quantities. In most cases this indicates clearly a financial and professional involvement and is directed heavily to the “people” of the country that organized , provoked, and supported the protest. Its aim, as it was for the intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, generally to manufacture consent of its people for the political, economic, or military intervention.

Although not necessarily in that order, third indication would be the widely, repeatedly broadcasted statements made by the “president “ of, in almost all cases, US. That again is a part of consent manufacturing for the planned intervention.

This is one important, yet easier side of critical thinking in determining the “quality” of a protest.

The other, and most important yet not as easy one is the “quality”, “conditions”, and “specific situation” of the country where the “protest” is taking place.

The first thing to look at is whether the government of that given country is pro US-EU or not. First possible indication depends on the response to this question. If the existing government has conflicts with the US, it has anti-imperialist character, most likely -but not always- the protests are provoked by the professional provocateurs. If the government is pro-US and the protests are against this government, against the imperialist interference, intervention, either at the time of election or not, protests are “just” and progressive.

Just protests usually have banners and slogans with clear economic, social, or political demands and never carry a flag of US or any other country, and never demand the “intervention” of another country especially that of US, yet professionally provoked protests usually would have standard, vague banners, and slogans of “freedom”, “democracy”.

One last, yet not the least important indication rests on the discovery of the organizational supporters of the protests. Regardless of the legitimate economic, social, and political condition of that country, if the protest is supported by NED or by any of its hundreds of suborganizations, it is most likely a provoked protest.

In this context, the protests held a few days ago in Cuba has no “progressive” quality to speak about. Protests have been designed and provoked by the professional provocateurs infiltrating Cuba especially, for the last 5 years, recruiting and training the locals.

Cuba has been under economic and financial blockade for 60 years and every revolutionary Cuban citizen lived through and conscious of it. With Covid-19 economic crises worldwide that hit almost every country, Cuba was hit worse due to the blockade. The hypocrisy of the US government pointing out the economic crisis in Cuba is that they are the main cause of the economic crisis in Cuba, not the Cuban government. This year, recently, Jack Ma of Alibaba allocated a donation of masks, rapid diagnostic kits, and ventilators intended for the patients affected by COVID-19 and the medical staff in Cuba. However, due to the blockade the shipment, which was to arrive on March 30, never arrived.

Designed protests and its purpose clarified by the Mayor of Miami where there are more Covid-19 case and deaths than Cuba, “The people of Cuba,” he says, “need some sort of international help,” including intervention from the United States in “some form or fashion, whether it’s food, medicine, or militarily.”

US cannot comprehend and admit how a small country like Cuba surrounded by US puppet island regimes is able to resist and endure a 60 year blockade and multiple interventions.

Unfortunately, there are some pseudo “left” who echoed the imperialist propaganda and attacked Cuba the same way by calling the protests “just”, most disregarding and covering up the fact that most laud slogans were anti-communist, anti-party, pro US , slogan of “down with dictatorship”, “democracy” and “freedom”.

Pseudo "left" finds an opportunity to attack Cuba and hiding behind "extreme left" phrases  vomits its anti-communism. They cover up and distract the attention from the 60 year economic blockade to Cuba and rather than blaming US, they blame the Cuban Communist party.

Some of them are obviously anti-communist paid or voluntary trolls and Trots, yet there are others falling into the trap and unintentionally finding themselves on the side of reaction. Marxist Leninists are not to be slaved minded people who absorbs like a sponge what the mainstream media dishes out as fact and accept as such in their stand. They are critical minded people who think and analyze before taking a stand on any issue and every stand they take, always keep the interests of people in mind and derives from it.

Erdogan A

July 2021