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On the recent rebellion and insurrection - Statement of the Labor Party of Iran (Tofan) -4

The suppressed anger of the Iranian people in the form of the struggle of the youth and especially the women of Iran resurfaced once again and covered the entire Iranian society in an explosive manner.

This anger, which started with the motive of protesting the killing of Mrs. Mehsa Amini in the minister's detention center, by the agents of the "guidance patrol" or agents of the "good and the bad", has its fundamental roots in the economic situation of Iran, which is the product of the economic rule of neoliberalism, with the help of reformists and Rafsanjani's mafia. This policy of plundering public property, which is the source of corruption, rent-seeking, theft, and robbery of Iran's national wealth, and is in the form of privatization of public property with the recommendations of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, has caused dependence on the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which is in complete contradiction to Joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. This ruling colonial policy in Iran must be changed by the hands of the Iranian people and not by foreign forces, otherwise it is not possible for poverty to disappear, and the workers, teachers, and the lower classes of society and even the middle class of the national bourgeoisie of Iran cannot feel relieved. Economic neoliberalism, economic adjustment policies are the enemy of the Iranian people, and the rulers of the country's economy have followed this policy until now and are still following it.

These dire economic conditions, which are at the same time the product of criminal and inhuman imperialist sanctions, along with the suppression of the human rights of the Iranian people, especially Iranian women, who are constantly humiliated and discriminated against, have created an explosive situation in the society. The capitalist regime of the Islamic Republic has not only not disbanded the Irshad Patrol and is not only unwilling to give up the bullying and inhumane policy of compulsory veiling and respect the dignity of Iranian women and men but is also trying to speak to the people with the language of bullying.

What was the rightful desire of the first days of the rebellion without perspective that started spontaneously?

Was it excepting that the people responsible for Mehsa Amini's murder should be dealt with, clarified, the Irshad patrol should be dismantled, and women should be stopped from wearing the hijab? Did it wish that it had both the context of realizing and pushing back the regime, and the context of mobilizing millions of people who defended this demand, both with and without hijab, and it was   a profoundly right and progressive demand? A desire that could be deepened in the right conditions and process to the desire for the release of political prisoners or the freedom to establish independent labor unions, etc., and be developed as a school for teaching democratic struggle for people who want democracy and respect for human beings despite their religious beliefs?

Instead of giving a convincing answer to the people, the regime sought to justify this murder, and no one has been willing to take responsibility for it. This chronic disregard for the rights and legitimate demands of the people fertilized the seeds of rebellion that the government had planted with its policies during this period. It created the situation we are facing today and the greedy eyes of evildoers, foreigners and their fifth column in has turned to Iran, towards our dear motherland.

Our country, Iran, which is a powerful, rich, and civilized country, is not favored by the imperialist and predatory powers of the world, especially America, Israel, and the aggressive NATO alliance. Our country is hated by some of the neighboring countries that are trying hard to destroy Iran with the support of great imperialist powers. The countries of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and the Republic of Azerbaijan are among these countries. No country in the region wants an independent, secure, and powerful Iran, and they are constantly trying to turn Iran into another Syria by resorting to combined and terrorist warfare, encouraging violence and creating civil war, where they can easily loot Iran's wealth. They defend and support all ISIS and suicide and violent actions in Iran.

Instability and lack of security, to disrupt Iran's economic plans, such as "building the Silk Road, East-West and South-North Corridor, and destroying the correct and strategic geopolitical policy of turning to the East, which is like a thorn in the eyes of Iran's enemies, is the main goal of the imperialism of the West and NATO.

Iran's enemies are trying to close all Russia's relations with many countries and with the majority of the world's people in the war imposed on Russia in Ukraine and their failure in the inhumane economic blockade of Russia, and in this imperialist logic, Iran's geopolitical position plays a key role.

This fact, the characteristic of the current era and the new political landscape of the world, which leads to the decline of the dominance of the US dollar and imperialism as the leader of the unipolar world and will lead to the multi-polarization of the world, has angered NATO, because for them, the survival of Iran as politically independent, powerful, and rich is a matter of life and death. The destruction of Iran is on their agenda, and with all their propaganda, financial, military, espionage, cultural, sabotage, terrorist, etc. they try to prevent any dissatisfaction and just demands of the Iranian people, which has not received its deserved response. They will abuse it for their sinister purposes, and today we are witnessing the product of their unprecedented sabotage of the organization.

The regime of the Islamic Republic with 43 years of continuous repression, destroying the progressive opposition, banning independent parties, destroying independent labor unions and other progressive civic assemblies and centers, passing anti-women reactionary laws, destroying the independence of the judiciary and... establishing nepotism and looting public property by insider foundations such as Mustafafan Foundation, and Astan Quds Razavi, shirking the burden of establishing a fair tax system for the benefit of the lower classes, has provided all the grounds and conditions for dissatisfaction and as a result, rebellion. The organized and global counter-revolution by abusing this situation and resorting to foreign media such as "Saudi International, Deutsche Welle, BBC, Voice of America, Radio Farda and Zamane..." is trying to deceive the people. Reaching and using lumpenism, espionage, terrorism, violence, sedition, ISIS promotion, incitement to arm and adventure, distribution of fakes, lying, destruction by violence. Anti-Iranian elements caught in the spider web of foreigners and active against the interests of Iran. The leadership of this undesirable rebellion has changed its nature and turned it in the direction they want. They are supported by a large part of the purged reformists as a force to compromise on top and accept the yoke of Western colonialism.

Enemies of Iran with non-class reactionary slogans and politics deceiving people "all together" were busy co-opting the rebel movement which was progressive at the beginning and had legitimate demands and escalated it to the level of armed conflict, creating insecurity and hand-to-hand war and hatred. They promoted the creation of suicide operations in the nation. Unfortunately, due to the lack of political awareness, the suppression of progressive political organizations, the necessary experience of resourceful leadership, short-sightedness, lack of perspective, the dominance of the emotional dimension, this field of co-opting was available and placed in the context of already prepared NATO projects.

This situation has created a tense environment without a clear perspective in Iran, which does not have a clear future. Its nature is only the continuation of insecurity and instability, which cannot be approved by our party. Any protest movement that has a disturbing and aimless theme is detrimental to the purposeful class struggle, despite the good intentions of the participants in the protests.

Our party has always defended the democratic demands of the workers, teachers and other strata and classes of society and will continue to do so in the future, but always  against those who follow the line of intensification of anti-human sanctions to the people of Iran, to divide Iran, violate the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Iran, to re-establishing the dominance of Western colonialism and NATO's aggression against Iran, and are against Iran's tendency towards the east,- which is a positive perspective for the future development of Iran and the region and takes place in the context of global developments and the decline of the United States,- against those who are engaged in destroying Iran's national interests, we will fight.

Our party has a clear comprehension of the insidious and sinister intentions of NATO member countries and their campaigns through public media, and hybrid invasion and all its sub-groups that are carried out by deception, and the economic and political blockade of Iran, aggression   against Iran through the virtual network and the like. We know and strongly condemn the declaration of open war against Iran.

Our party is of the opinion that only on the basis of the clear boundaries that we have stated the desire to overthrow this regime, and only with the hands of the Iranian people in the service of the downtrodden of the society, will find meaning. The desire to overthrow the ruling regime without having this perspective is a desire to serve the interests of imperialism, Zionism and based on self-interest. It is revenge and retribution.

In this current critical situation where the survival of Iran is the target of attack, naturally, our party will be with any national, freedom-loving and Iran-loving force that defends the establishment of democracy and respect for the democratic rights of the people and believes in the listed principles and national interests, independence and territorial integrity and security. It considers the achievements of the Bahman revolution and is ready for cooperation and harmony in the political struggle.  


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