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Kaganovich to Stalin 1936

September 9, 1936
To Stalin.

I pass the exact text of the Prosecutor's Office message in print. Number 15. Kaganovich.

"In the Prosecutor's Office of the USSR. At the present time, the Prosecutor's Office of the USSR has completed an investigation into the terrorist center in Moscow on August 19 and 20, with the help of the Trotskyite-Zinoviev terrorist center. Some indictees indicate that NI Bukharin and AI Rykov were involved to some extent in their criminal counter-revolutionary activities.

The investigation has not established legal data to attract N. I. Bukharin and A. I. Rykov to judicial responsibility, due to which the present case has been terminated by further investigative proceedings "2.

F. 558. Op. 11. D. 94. L. 64. The original. Typescript.
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