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Kaganovich to Stalin September 14 1936

September 14 [1936]

14 / IX
Hello, dear Comrade Stalin!


Rykov kept himself quite restrained and asked all of Sokolnikov whether he knew about Rykov's participation only from the words of Tomsky or someone else. Apparently, after he learned that Sokolnikov knew about Rykov's connection with Zinoviev and Kamenev only from Tomsky, Kamenev, he, Rykov, completely calmed down and went on the offensive. But both Rykov and Bukharin made the main emphasis in the last years, as for the years 31-32-33, they both obviously avoided. Although Rykov had to admit that already in 1934, Tomsky asked him whether he should go to Zinoviev's dacha, that is, in the year of the murder of Kirov. Rykov confined himself to what he had advised against Tomsky, but he did not tell anyone about it.

Bukharin argued more with Sokolnikov, although he had to admit that, in response to Sokolnikov's request for the publication of his article in Izvestia, Bukharin replied: "Write with your full name, you have to fight for your legality, I Rykov this too I say. " Basically, he, Bukharin, confirmed this. Bukharin after the departure of Sokolnikov let down a tear and you asked him to believe. I still had the impression that maybe they did not maintain direct organizational ties with the Trotskyite-Zinoviev bloc, but at 32-33, and maybe in the following years, they were aware of the Trotskyite affairs. Apparently, they, the right, had their own organization, allowing the unity of action from below. The other day, the transport authorities of the GPU gave me a list of the arrested Trotskyist group of railway workers in Moscow, but when I looked at the list, there were a number of large-scale former employees of the former Moscow staff and I think that this is a Trotskyite-right organization of railway workers. In any case, the right underground organization should be sought, it is. I think that the role of Rykov, Bukharin and Tomsky will come to light.

Pyatakov does not yet give testimony. The confrontation will be arranged both for him and for Radek. It's a good thing that we slaughter all these Trotskyite-Zinoviev scoundrels to the end.

5) I informed you about Spanish affairs by phone.

Warmest regards to you and best wishes.

Yours L.Kaganovich.

F. 558. Op. 11. D. 743. L. 56-63. Autograph.
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