December 27, 2020

On improving the living conditions of scientific workers

In order to provide scientific workers with living conditions that give the opportunity for the most fruitful scientific activities, the Central Executive Committee and the Council of People's Commissars of the Union: SSR decide:

1. To propose to the governments of the Union republics, within a month, to issue consolidated laws on the housing rights of scientific workers, providing in them, in particular, the following benefits:

a) researchers have the right to an additional separate study room, and in the absence of one, to an additional area of ​​at least 20 sq. meters;

b) the living space occupied by scientific workers, in the event of its release, is placed at the disposal of the Commission for the Promotion of Scientists at the SNK of the USSR or its local bodies for settlement by scientists.

This rule does not apply to houses erected by the right of building, to the houses of workers of housing construction cooperatives, as well as to those houses belonging to enterprises and institutions, from which, according to special laws, the eviction of residents who have lost contact with this enterprise or institution is allowed;

c) all living space occupied by scientists (main and additional), regardless of its size, is paid in a single amount;

d) for scientific workers on a business trip, regardless of its duration, the living space is preserved in the place of their former residence. During their absence, scientific workers have the right to populate the living space with persons of their choice with payment according to the earnings of the latter. Persons living in the living space of an absent researcher are obliged to release it at the request of the researcher, and in case of refusal, they are evicted by administrative procedure;

e) the family of a deceased researcher retains the right for three months (to the entire previous living space (main and additional) with payment for it during the same period in a single amount.

2. In order to promote cooperative housing construction of scientific workers, to equate housing and construction cooperatives of scientific workers in all respects (credit conditions, the procedure for accumulation of units, provision of building materials, etc.) to housing construction cooperatives with a predominant workforce and suggest that Tsekombank annually provide for its plan is special loans for this construction.

3. To oblige the prosecution authorities to take all necessary measures to protect the housing rights of scientific workers, steadily bringing violators of these rights to justice.

Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR M. Kalinin.

Deputy Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR V. Kuibyshev.

And about. Secretary of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR A. Medvedev.

Moscow Kremlin. March 27, 1933 No. 62/503.

Published in No. 86 Izvestia of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR and the Central Executive Committee of April 1, 1933