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L.M. Kaganovich - I.V. To Stalin, on November 5 [1932]

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Dear Comrade Stalin!

Our decisions you already know. In addition to what we have conveyed to you, we have taken a number of other activities through the OGPU, the prosecutor's office, manufactured goods, the military, etc. I am sending them to you for review. The whole question now is in their implementation. We wrapped the car thoroughly, but I must tell you frankly that slackness, softness is exceptional in all areas of work.

At the meeting of the secretaries of the Kuban districts, we saw anything in their face, but not secretaries. These are zemstvos, cooperatives, intercessors of the peasant before the party. In this spirit, they had to be shamed, scolded and straightened.

Yesterday we held a meeting of the directors of state farms, a picture even more infamous. People acted, on the one hand, as beggars, asking for Christ's sake, and on the other, some acted out of tune and even anti-Party. If you shoot, you would have to shoot more than half, some will have to be removed, and the rest must be straightened. In the village nobody pressed bread and sowing. Courts were sentenced, but verdicts were not carried out, it is clear that in this situation, we are bullied, the ears are cut off, and then it is said that the threshing showed a bad harvest. A new network of hand mills has been created. The counter-revolutionaries are sitting quietly. Yes, and the environment and our unfit work, i.e. the work of local organizations, liberalism, inaction and opportunism favor the creation of anti-Soviet organizations. Now we have to compensate for what is missing, this will inevitably lead to some bends. We will fight to prevent them, but since all this will be done shockly, it will be difficult to avoid everything. In any case, the main task here now is to break the sabotage undoubtedly organized and directed from a single center.

Well on this now I will finish. Now I'm going from Krasnodar to the village. I think to go to the most malicious Poltava, where there are 400 people teachers, doctors and technicians + colonels, captains, etc. p.

Greetings! Bye.

Yours, L. Kaganovich.

PS T. Yagoda will tell you in detail. L. Kaganovich.

F. 558. Op. 11. D. 740. L. 177-180. Autograph.


1 On October 22, 1932, the PB sent Kaganovich to the head of the Central Committee's commission for the North Caucasus "in order to strengthen hebo-procurement" (RGASPI, F. 17. Op. 3. D. 904. 11). The commission consisted of Mikoyan, Chernov, Yurkin, Gamarnik, Shkiryatov, Yagoda, Kosarev. On November 2, the commission arrived in Rostov-on-Don. On the same day, a meeting was held of the secretaries of the rural district Party committees, and on November 4, a meeting of the directors of the state farms of the region. Under the guidance of Kaganovich in the North Caucasus region, the Party organization was cleaned, mass arrests of "counterrevolutionaries" and the deportation of peasants to remote areas of the country. In December 1932, the entire population of the Poltava station, mentioned in the letter (more than 9 thousand people) was completely evacuated to the Urals (see more details: Ivnitsky NA Collectivization and dekulakization (early 30s), Moscow, 1994. Pp. 193-196).
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