March 19, 2019


Printed in the U.S.S.R. by Trade Union Labour

CHAPTER I: The Second International in Its Prime 

4. Exclusion of Anarchists; the Agrarian and Colonial Questions:London 1896 .
5. The Struggle Against Millerandism; the Pliable Kautsky:Paris 1900...

CHAPTER II: Opportunist Degeneration

3. Nationalism in the Trade Union Question; Opportunism in the Co-operative Question: Copenhagen 1910 .

CHAPTER III: The Collapse of the Second International and the Rise of the Third International 
3.  The  Russian  February  Revolution  and  the  Stockholm   Conference: 1917 
4. The October Revolution, the Beginning of Proletarian World Revolution; 1917—1918 

CHAPTER IV: Galvanising the Corpse of the Second International;  Development of the Communist International .

1. The Reconciliation Feast of the Social-Patriots at Berne and the Foundation of the Communist International in Moscow: 1919 
2. Geneva — Moscow — Vienna: 1920—1921
3. The Fight for the Proletarian United Front.

CHAPTER V: The International of Capitalist Reaction and the International of Proletarian World Revolution
1. The Reconciliation Feast of the Reformists in Hamburg: 1923 
2. Proletarian Defeats and the Relative Stabilisation of Capitalism; the Fifth World Congress of the Comintern and the Marseilles Congress of the Social-Patriotic International: 1923—1925
3. Capitalist Rationalisation and the Advance of the New
Revolutionary Wave; the Brussels Congress: 1926—1928 .
4. From Social-Imperialism to Social-Fascism — the Road of the Second International; Forward to the World Union of Soviet Republics, Forward to World Communism — the Road of the Third International