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International Communist Women’s Day 1926

Ardent greetings to working women and women toilers throughout the world who are uniting in one common family of labour around the socialist proletariat.

I wish them every success:

1) in strengthening the international ties of the workers of all countries and achieving the victory of the proletarian revolution;

2) in emancipating the backward sections of women toilers from intellectual and economic bondage to the bourgeoisie;

3) in uniting the peasant women around the proletariat—the leader of the revolution and of socialist construction;

4) in making the two sections of the oppressed masses, which are still unequal in status, a single army of fighters for the abolition of all inequality and of all oppression, for the victory of the proletariat, and for the building of a new, socialist society in our country.

Long live International Communist Women’s Day!

J. Stalin
Pravda, No. 55, March 7, 1926
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