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The basic facts of the socialist construction now taking place in the Soviet Union are presented in this book with sufficient care and clarity to obviate their particular mention in this preface.

Our concern has been to present the Five-Year Plan, which has been justly called a plan of gigantic construction and of a broad offensive of socialism, for the consideration of our foreignreaders; and to picture the variety and scope of the problems which must be solved by it, as well as the difficulties which face the victorious construction of socialism in the Soviet Union. Wehave attempted to show not only the goal set by the Plan, but the actual processes by which it is being accomplished. In this connection the actual experiences of the already completed first year and the second, now in progress, are used.

The facts quoted here radically destroy the bourgeois legend that the Five-Year Plan is only an empty dream, and the pessimistic prophecies of the Right opportunist elements within theCommunist movement. It is now plain that these latter are based on an exaggeration of the difficulties of socialist construction and an underestimation of the creative power of the victorious proletarian revolution.

The tremendous advance of socialist construction in the Soviet Union is surpassing all estimates under the Plan, and the most optimistic forecasts of its success. Already the experiences of the first year and a half under it have led to the abandonment of its minimal figures (the so-called initial or minimal variant). A second formulation has been adopted on the basis of the Plan'shighest figures. The optimal or maximal variant is now the minimum Plan. The slogan: "Complete the Five-Year Plan in Four Years," is sounding more and more convincingly and energetically throughout the Soviet Union. It is becoming a concrete program which is mobilizing the creative urge and the will of the masses of the proletariat and the poor and middle peasantry.

The revolutionary zeal of the masses sweeping towards socialist construction breaks all resistance and pushes aside those who oppose its progress.

Many of the figures quoted in this book will be out of date when they reach foreign readers. Many problems have already been shifted onto an entirely new base.

The mighty rush of the process of socialist construction raises new tasks of gigantic proportions. It is a sufficient example to point to the decisive transformation of the policy of keeping down the kulaks into the present policy of liquidating them as a class through the complete collectivization of the small and middle peasant economies.

But this must not mislead us. The fact that the actual advance of socialist construction in theSoviet Union outdistances the project, only emphasizes the revolutionary power which is contained in the Five-Year Plan, and the tremendous work of socialist construction.

We are fully conscious of the faults and shortcomings of this book. The demands of intensive construction do not leave time for careful literary treatment which such an all-embracing subject demands. We will, therefore, gratefully accept all criticism that may come from the friends of theSoviet Union. We consider it necessary to note that the basis of this book is the first volume ofThe Five-Year Plan, in the compilation of which the author participated, together with his numerous associates of the State Planning Commission (Gosplan).


Moscow, 1930.

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