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Telegram from Washington to Stalin from Molotov



Telegram from Washington

Received in Moscow at 00.50 June 1, 1942

From a conversation with Roosevelt, his statement about the method of maintaining peace between peoples after the war.

Roosevelt develops the idea that it will take some police force, and he thinks of this police force in the form of the armed forces of three or four countries: the USA, the USSR, England and maybe China (if China manages to create a central government). According to Roosevelt, other countries, including France, Poland, not to mention Germany, Italy and Japan must be disarmed.

In response to this statement, I stated that in such a particular form, we have not yet had to listen to considerations on this issue that I have concerns about the attitude to this question from some countries, such as France, Poland, Turkey, which is an important issue and needs to be studied.

This topic has not yet received further development in the conversations.

On June 1st I will have a meeting with Roosevelt.


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