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On Israel Palestine conflict -Briefly

As it has been for the  media coverage of Ukraine , from the start the coverage of Israel- Palestine conflict of the Western Media has been full of omissions, distortions, and sensational falsehood. 

It is not possible to determine the core reasons of the Hamas attack at this stage. There are, inevitably, so  many variations of assumptions and explanations, some of which are labeled as “conspiracy theories”. At the initial phase of a serious event like this, there are no “conspiracy theories” but only assumptions . It is highly possible that more than one and possibly a combination of most of the assumptions may have its validity to some degree. Western Media with its one sided narrative either rejects all the possible reasons and label them as “conspiracy theories” or omits the history of Israel Palestine issue and proceeds from the start of the “Hamas attack”. 

It is not a conspiracy theory to assume that this event may be planned or provoked in order to distract the attention from the Ukraine war and the collapse of Western Narrative and fantasies. However, this assumption by itself as the sole cause, undermines the history of Gaza, justifies the apartheid Israeli regime, and minimizes the actual strength of Hamas and Palestinian people.  Gaza has been an open prison for the Palestinians for half a century. Food and electricity for Gaza was under the control of Israel – at a rate that is enough to have them survive but not to die.  It is an inevitable consequence that the oppressed and exploited will rise someday, somehow in some form against its oppressor. All the western media echoes the “right of Israel for self defense”, however they never mention the Palestinian “right of self defense”.  Considering the fact that Palestine is an occupied territory and the Palestinians make up of an imprisoned internal population of Israel, they have the inalienable right to resist and fight against the occupation and for their freedom. In this sense, Israel is not “defending itself” against an external force in the case where the “right of self defense” is justified. It is the Palestinian people defending itself against an external, occupying force. Western Media ignores the historical facts and twists the issues. 

Western Media and their Proxies in Asia and other places do not feel any shame repeating the dismissed claims ,like “children have been decapitated”, however they justify the bombing of residential buildings by Israel and they never mention the children under the rubbles of bombed buildings. There are news reports from the Israelis themselves that some of the Israelis killed at Kibbutz not by Hamas but by their own forces.

As in Ukraine war, the Western Media creates myths and fallacies, exaggerates one, does not even report the others. They report the concentration of Israeli forces, guns and machines and imply that Hamas is hiding and running. There are numerous videos published but banned by known social sites showing the destruction of Israeli tanks and  forces. Videos from Lebanon border show the destruction of observation posts, satellite, missile sites. Despite all the racist rhetoric of some Israeli leaders, they still have not started the attack to Gaza and “turn it in to rubbles”, “into a city of tents”. It is possible that they are waiting to be ready for the attack. However, it is also possible that they are waiting for a “face saving exit” from the situation. It is the opinion of all liberal and even conservative political and military experts that an invasion attempt of Gaza, an urban guerilla warfare will be extremely costly to Israel; both militarily and politically. That is only one side of the problem to consider. In addition, there is a high possibility that Hizbullah who defeated and embarrassed Israel in recent years will react and participate in the war making it more complicated and ready to escalate with the participation of other countries. 

After remaining silent for a period China made its own warning, Russia is organizing and preparing a cease fire and long term solution to the problem. Who knows, may be Israel is waiting both to attack for an invasion and for a “face saving exit” with the help of Russian- more like BRICs- peace initiative.  As history has shown, Israel does not show any restrain, does not care about war crimes or human rights violations. This time, however, it may show some restrain in ground invasion, may schedule that in a way that it would overlap with the “peace” initiative of BRICS and other countries. That would be a “face saving” exit from a possible disaster for Israel.

Neo-Cons of US and the West however, still live in a fantasy world with illusions. They still believe that Russia is beatable in Ukraine, Russia will collapse, they will be able to break China and Russia (and North Korea) alliance. They have the same illusion in reference to Israel-Palestine question despite the fact that they have lost credibility and largely been isolated from the Middle East and Arab countries in addition to African and Asian countries. All their “blackmail” and “bribe” embarrassing meetings with Saudi Arabia and Egypt rejected and dismissed. 

From the start of war, we had said that the West and Ukraine cannot beat Russia simply because this is not a war only concerns Russia but China, North Korea, Iran, and sooner or later the “Collective West” , meaning US, will find a way to distract the attention from a losing- actually lost- Ukraine war. A war that not only depleted the West’s arms and ammunition stock pile but of US. Never mind China and North Korea, Russia alone produces more weapons and ammunitions than all the collective West is combined. It is not surprising that except the Neo-Cons almost all the rest point to this fact and calls for restraint to open new war fronts. 

Neo-Cons enveloped themselves in a fantasy world with illusions and finding it impossible to get out of it. Their initial approach to Israeli - Palestine conflict has already isolated them from the rest of the countries. What will they do next will not help but facilitate their decline in world’s public opinion. 

Another “conspiracy theory” is that Russia is behind this “provocation”. That is correct that Russia gained and most likely will gain more from the current Israeli – Palestine conflict. However, Russia did not need a distraction from the Ukraine war. Again, as we have noted at the start of the war, it is within the Russian strategy to extend the war, slowly but surely destroying the Ukraine army. Their strategy is not to go after land but gradually destroying the Ukraine army which in return will bring about the acquirement of land by itself. That is in the process. Another Russian strategy we have noted was to show the world population and governments how they are different from the West, how practically they are like the rest of the countries facing the Western bullies. All the indications are pointing that has worked well for Russia. With their attitude to the Israeli-Palestine conflict, they are making a giant step to expose the West and their hypocrisy and gaining more sympathy for themselves. We will all wait and see what the West’s games will be against the Russian “peace plan”, if it will even go to the UN, or how the West in the UN will react to it.

So, yes, Palestine attack and reactions to that worked for the Russian interests. That is not a conspiracy theory but a fact. However, that does not mean Russia had a role in that, because there was no reason for it. 

The Western Media news and narratives have lost their credibility long time ago. They have become the propaganda tools of the Neo-Cons lacking any journalistic ethics and morals. They turned into lying machines especially when it comes to the news. From the start, most of the sensational news of killing Israeli “civilians” have been debunked. They turned into hypocrites who condemn the killing of children of one, but hides or cheers the mass murder of children of others. 

Western Media have become war mongers and they are under the illusion that they will win any war.  They either are not capable of seeing the changes in the world or they prefer ignoring the facts in a self-destructive way.

Will Israel – Palestine conflict escalate and spread to the neighboring countries?  It is possible but unlikely due to the fact that the Collective West has no military or even economic power left to carry out another war at another front. Russia seems to be changing its 50 years+ pro-Israeli stand at the right time at the right place. Meaning that they will not be watching any regional war on the sidelines. Only the Neo-Cons can dare to take such a risk and self destruction. It is more likely that the West and Israel will look for a face saving, safe exit opportunity to freeze the conflict. 

Erdogan A 

October 17, 2023

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